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I am originally from Chile, and I opened Berta’s over 25 years ago when I moved to San Diego. We use our classic original recipes – and brand new dishes as well – to create some of the finest Latin American cuisine you can find anywhere in San Diego.
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Chef Berta Utreras, Berta’s Latin American Restaurant. The Best Kept Secret in Old Town.

Just some of the many delicacies at Berta’s Latin American Restaurant now celebrating it’s 25th anniversary.

Meet Chef Berta

Chef Berta from Berta's Latin American Restaurant in San Diego's Old TownA native of Chile, Berta is seventh in a family of eleven children. Growing up in a traditional Latin American household, Berta’s talent and love for cooking came naturally. Without formal culinary training, Berta learned her cooking skill from her mother Linda and older sister Hilda. For Berta, cooking was not just a responsibility, it was the way she expressed the culture and love of her country. As she says, “it comes from the bottom of my soul.”

The dishes offered at Berta’s Latin American Restaurant come directly from the kitchens of the women of Latin America, or “dueñas de casa”, and are typical of home-cooked meals enjoyed throughout Latin America. In choosing the menu, Berta traveled extensively to select the best of each region’s dishes from the hands of Latin women. After much research, Berta chose the best of Latin American cuisine, not only to impress the palate, but to expose others to the beauty, culture and taste of an authentic Latin American meal. Unlike other restaurants in Southern California offering only dishes from Mexico, Berta offers her clientele the very best of her homeland and all of Latin America.Celebrating Berta's Latin American Restaurant's 25th Anniversary

Berta’s Latin American Restaurant, tucked away in a cozy side street in Old Town, has received acclaim from far and wide. The San Diego Union Tribune, the New York and Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Reader, Frommer’s, Fodors, and San Diego media reports, (most notably the Channel 8’s Unknown Eater and Channel 10’s Jack White) are but a few who have tasted the magic from Berta’s Latin American Restaurant. Since 1991, Berta’s delicious, home-cooked dishes from Latin America have been dazzling not only her clientele, but everyone from food critics to travel editors, from local to worldwide publications.